Take a look at the upcoming figures available in early 2019 from #Hasbro!  For Star Wars collectors we can look forward to :  Here’s the Vintage Collection Captain Phasma!

Vintage Collection figures are super articulated figures but packaged in a fashion calling back to the early releases of toys. Phasma is a fan favorite for collectors and costumers alike.  Fans should also check out her eponymous novel as well as the one shot comic paperback telling the story of her escape from Starkiller (and how she got away with lowering the shields)!

Here we see the

late lamented Dryden Vos in the 6″ Black Series line!  Vos’ mastery of Teras Kasi brought the martial art form, first introduced in the 1990s home game “Master of Teras Kasi,” back into canon!  Black Series figures are always popular, showing high detail and range of motion while also being portrayed in a larger frame than the run of the mill, smaller figures.

Hasbro also announces some figures you may find relevant to your interest, Star Wars or not.  We’re also looking to see on the shelves the following releases from the Marvel Legends line:  Mystique (as seen in her classic 1980s white gown), Weapon X (Looking very much from the same time period of the comics), Guardian (the leader of the Canadian superteam Alpha Flight), and the Canadian monster/villain/force of nature Wendigo as part of the build-a-figure collectible toy series!


All figures to be available in early 2019.