Lucasfilm has never been shy about their ambitious plans for the Star Wars, both in the near and distant future. There are even those who theorize that the generation who grew up with A New Hope back in 1977 won’t live to see the last Star Wars movie. That being so, the one realm that Lucasfilm has been conspicuously absent from is live-action TV … until now.

The studio has tagged Jon Favreau to executive produce and write his own Star Wars series, set to air on Disney’s yet-to-be-released streaming platform. Favreau is of course no stranger to Disney, having directed their live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book, as well as Iron Man, and Iron Man 2 (admittedly both released in the pre-Disney days of Marvel Studios).

Favreau actually comes with experience within the Star Wars universe as well, having voiced Pre Vizsla in the animated Clone Wars series. Now, he’ll get a chance to fully imagine a vision for a live-action series, and you can bet we’re excited to see what it’ll look like.

We still have little in the way of exact details, but we do know that Disney’s streaming service launches sometime in 2019, putting the release of Favreau’s series sometime around next year at best. In the meantime, stay tuned for more information as it arrives!