Back in October it was announced that Star Tours The Adventure Continues, the Star Wars themed ride in multiple Disney Parks, would be getting a new scene from Episode VIII:The Last Jedi introduced in time for the release in December 2017. When the new Star Tours was relaunched back in 2011, its new digital formatting was created to allow for new scenes to be introduced effortlessly. We saw this when The Force Awakens was released bringing new scenes and new character appearances to the ride.

It was announced on November 14th, that there will in fact be two new scenes from The Last Jedi. We already know that it will contain a scene from Crait but the second location is yet to be confirmed. Also starting from November 17th till a date unknown just yet, the ride will be purely The Last Jedi focussed. The other scenes will be introduced back to the ride at some point in 2018.

Disneyland Park, California and Hollywood Studios, Florida will get the updates on November 17th, with Disneyland Paris getting the update November 22nd and Tokyo Disneyland on December 15th.

The Last Jedi hits screens across the globe from December 13th 2017.