BoxOfficePro (who have been providing numbers to the film industry since 1920) are predicting The Last Jedi, Episode VIII of the Star Wars franchise, will achieve a staggering $215million in its opening weekend. These numbers have been estimated based upon the pre-booked ticket sales and the hype already building for the movie.

Now, we feel that this will be an impressive achievement for a sequel, but will fall short of the $247million that The Force Awakens managed in its opening weekend.

Following the release of the second trailer just a couple of weeks ago the fans have even more questions. Who is Rey? See our team debate about this here. Will Kylo commit matricide to add to his patricide? Who is Snoke and what is his endgame? What has Luke been doing for the last 10 years or so? What are Porgs? (well actually, only Daniel Miller wants an answer to that question!) We are excited to see if these (and other) questions will be answered.

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