We were granted access to a private collection based within a UK company’s HQ. Here is Scott’s impression of the collection.

We were recently invited over to Invasion Marketing’s Manchester HQ to check out some rather epic office decorations that they have.

Our reason for being here? Invasion’s managing director, Lee McAteer, has, over the last 12 months, amassed a rather cool collection of life sized Star Wars figures.

The first figure he acquired was one of his two (yes, two!) Darth Mauls. Lee was inspired to start this collection after a conversation with his father whilst working in his first job at Laser Quest many years ago. Upon them receiving a full size Darth Maul as part a tie-in with The Phantom Menace he informed his father that one day he would own one of them himself. Now he not only owns one, but two.

His two Darth Mauls have recently been joined by an Anovos Kylo Ren, who looks down over the open workspace menacingly, whilst an Anovos First Order Stormtrooper welcomes you in to the office (we would again say menacingly but we all know he would miss!).

His R2-D2, made from a mould of the original movie prop, is a really impressive replica with an accurate weathered look and flashing lights that come from a 1970’s aircraft.

The latest edition to the collection is a resin Revenge of the Sith promotional Yoda figure, complete with lightsaber and a Watto is currently residing off site.

Lee plans to expand the collection further and is in discussion about acquiring a Jar Jar Binks and has been tempted by an X Wing and Tie Fighter too!

Driven on by his desire to create an inspiring place for his staff to work, Lee states, “If you look at Disney, they take you to a different world, a world that inspires and drives emotions. I want to recreate that in our working space and for it to fashion a huge talking point for staff and guests alike.”

Well, we certainly agree with Lee’s sentiment. The collection is something rather impressive.

Thanks for showing us around, Lee, and please invite us back once the collection has expanded!

Thanks for reading this quick tour around Invasion Marketing’s Manchester HQ conducted by Scott Hadden. Scott can be found discussing Star Wars on ChannelStarWars.com, both YouTube and Podcasts. Find us on iTunes and subscribe on YouTube!