Who is Rey?

The ChannelStarWars team were asked who they think Rey is. The following theories are what they came up with…

Someone new

I think she’s unrelated to anyone we know. For a couple reasons. First and foremost it robs her of her agency as a powerful character. Why must she be related to someone? There are literally dozens (read: every single Force user except Luke) of Force users in Star Wars who are not related to other Force users. It is needlessly reductive to assume just because Rey can use the Force that she got it from heredity. Out of ten thousand Jedi we know to exist as of Episode I, only two of them (Ki Adi Mundi and Anakin Skywalker) reproduce. And of those two, only one has Force sensitive offspring. Statistically speaking it is more likely that the Force is not inherited.

Additionally it is just too predictable for me. Why follow a shocking reveal (Vader: “No, I am your father”) with one which we have all thought was the case since literally the second TFA was announced to have a female lead? Imagine if, during ESB, Vader revealed he was Luke’s father, and we all said “Yeah we know, we’ve known for three years.” It’s predictable, it’s trite, and I expect better of Star Wars storytelling.

Frankly, so should everyone.

She understands Wookie, she must be a Solo.

I believe that Rey is the daughter of Han and Leia. I believe this because after Rey acquires the Falcon with Finn, we find that she knows the ship all too well, and when Han and Chewbacca seize the ship we also find that Rey can understand fluent Wookie.

Also, we find that Han seems to be a bit upset with himself after Rey mentions she never knew there was this much green in the Galaxy before. It really seems like he’s trying to be there for her when he offers her a position on the ship and a blaster.

My final thought is also at the end when Leia hugs Rey… this isn’t your normal ‘it’s good to see you’ hug, this is the kind of hug my mom gives me when she hasn’t seen me in a long time. If you notice Leia breathes in the scent of Rey almost like it’s something she hasn’t smelled since she was a child.

I think she was hidden on Jakku to protect her from danger and once she was discovered I believe Han and Leia kept their mouths shut for her better interest…..


If she is not a Skywalker, in my opinion she is a nobody!

There’s been all the speculation about Rey! Who is Rey? Who is Rey related to? In my opinion some of the theories out there are absolutely absurd and ridiculous, like she’s a reincarnated Anakin or reincarnated Emperor Palpatine. I know Star Wars is fake but I don’t think the writers would go that route, it’s just a little too cheesy and Hokie!

Out of the crazy theories I’ve heard only one of them made some sense to me and that was my channel Star Wars colleague Daniel Miller’s theory that Rey is a Solo! It makes some sense to me but I still don’t buy it! There was no reaction at all from Han Solo or Princess Leia upon meeting Rey that they knew who she was. Nobody said anything to this poor girl that was just left on the planet by herself to fend for herself. What kind of parent would do that and then meet their child again years later and not say anything? I just have a hard time getting behind that theory for those reasons!

The theory that Rey is a Kenobi, to me, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! Rey was born 15 years ABY that’s 15 years after Obi-Wan Kenobi was killed by Darth Vader on the Death Star (Rey was 19 in TFA) so unless Obi-Wan Kenobi was getting down and dirty as a forest ghost, I doubt she’s a Kenobi! If she is they had better sell it well!

I believe she is a Skywalker. That makes the most sense out of all the theories I’ve ever heard!
When Luke saw things were going bad with Kylo during training he hid his daughter to protect her from Snoke Kylo and the Darkside!!

If she is not a Skywalker, in my opinion she is a nobody!


Rey’s strength as a character lies in part in the mystery surrounding her. In her we have a woman who was abandoned at a young age and who has appeared to live a tough and challenging life. Yet, her wisdom and composure show maturity both beyond her years and upbringing.

Plunged into the battle against the First Order she shows resilience, leadership and calmness that is something akin to many of the characters we have seen and loved before. Whilst analysing her traits many theories of who she is seem plausible. And then, there are the implausible ones, that as a Star Wars fan perhaps I want her to be. But, if I had to place a bet on who she is (and I am not a betting man) I would have to say a Skywalker – after all, isn’t Star Wars a story of the Skywalker’s?

But then again, perhaps that’s what they want us to believe…