The Basics:

Where: The O2 Arena, London

When:  18 November 2016 to 03 September 2017

Adults £25/£20 (peak/off peak)
Concessions £18/15 (peak/off peak)
Children £15/£10 (peak/off peak)
Family £60/£48 (peak/off peak)

Children under 5 are free.

Our Review:

The much acclaimed Star Wars Identities exhibition has finally landed in London! We were lucky enough to get exclusive access ahead of the launch date on November 18 and as you can guess, we were rather excited by the prospect.

So, what is Star Wars Identities all about? The exhibition brings together over 200 props, models, costumes and artwork from the 7 movie installments as well as the Clone Wars. But this is much more than just another static Star Wars display.

Visually the whole exhibition is stunning with the Star Wars spacecraft display being particularly impressive. But on top of having some really intriguing original props, including Jabba The Hutt’s original eyes (a real highlight for us!), Star Wars Identities allows all visitors to find out more about what makes the Star Wars characters we know and love whilst at the same time encouraging you to explore your own Star Wars identity using a very slick interactive wristband.

As you pass through the exhibition a headset automatically plays information relating to displays you are looking at. It’s a nice touch that allows you to keep your arms free to photograph everything (the quality of the exhibits and how they are displayed means you certainly will want to take your camera along) and, as the headset only has a single earpiece, you can remain as social (or antisocial) as you want to be.

The Star Wars Identities’ wristband builds up the attributes of your own Star Wars character. The interaction is slick, is both fun and educational, and links to the Star Wars universe really well, so it is really something adults and children alike can enjoy doing (and, let’s be honest, who hasn’t pictured themselves as their perfect Star Wars character).  Amongst the elements you have to consider are what the origin of your character is, who their mentor is and what drives them to fulfill their destiny.

Of course, the finale to the exhibition is some 40 years in the making – will you be seduced to join Vader and the Dark Side, or stay strong and join the rebellion? Only after that, can your true Star Wars Identity be revealed.

Opening on 18 November, Star Wars Identities is well worth a visit for any Star Wars fan.